Dr. Shuli Goodman

Executive Director at LF Energy
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  • As a global society, we are at a turning point in history, We either continue down our current path, or we thoroughly examine the processes and infrastructure in place and make real, meaningful changes that address the climate crisis directly. Our power grid is notoriously one of the greatest challenges for ending the climate crisis. With our CoMPAS project and other future DSAS projects, LF Energy and our members are proud to lead the charge in making 100% decarbonization a reality as we transform power grid infrastructure.

  • Climate models suggest that 94% of our decarbonization can occur through transforming our energy and transportation systems as we move toward fossil-free electrification. Attendees at NOW TO NEXT will learn how to do this through a leveraged development model and a collaborative ecosystem-based on open-source technology. We want them to walk away with usable tools and access to a neutral global support community.

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