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Dr. Bash is the Medical Director of Neuroradiology at San Fernando Valley Interventional Radiology at RADNET. Dr. Bash joined RADNET in 2005. Prior to this she was on the faculty at UCLA as an Assistant Professor of Neuroradiology, after completing a 2 year Neuroradiology Fellowship at UCLA and Radiology Residency also at UCLA. During her tenure at UCLA, Dr. Bash was the recipient of the Issa Yaghmai Scholarship for best paper published in a peer-reviewed journal; Consultant of the Year Award, issued by the Emergency Department to one UCLA resident a year; as well as the Outstanding Resident Award, issued by Olive View-UCLA to one resident a year.

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  • RadNet’s recent research demonstrated that deep learning reconstruction of brain MR imaging with SubtleMR effectuates enhanced image quality, as well as greater efficiency with significant scan time reduction. It also maintained high volumetric quantification accuracy with NeuroQuant, which suggests promise for reliability, consistency, and utility of both applications in routine clinical practice.

    22 July 2021
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