Dr. Wayne Pernell

PhD in Clinical Psychology, Author, Speaker, Leadership Expert at DynamicLeader, Inc.
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  • Listening to Whispers. I love this topic so much. It’s what reawakens the vital spirit in each of us. When we step back into Purpose and realize we not only can, we should be pursuing our passions.

    But what about the responsibilities? No one said to stop being responsible. The key here is to reawaken to listening to the things that are actually calling you.

    You’re in your Purpose as a human when you follow the calling, the whisper of “over here.” It’s not just the “want” or clicking “add to cart” because something is on sale. The whispers change over time. Your values, what you really want for your life changes.

    Take a moment. Really, right now, just take a moment. Look up, gaze off, breathe and fill in this blank: If I could break away the time and had the bandwidth, I’d _______________.

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