Dr. D'vorah Graeser

CEO at KISS Patent
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I’m passionate about supporting innovation and access to idea protection for all entrepreneurs and growing businesses.

I have two companies: KISSPlatform and KISSPatent.

KISSPlatform facilitates better innovation by using AI to strategically analyze new ideas for uniqueness and product/market fit, and by automating patent search, drawing, and drafting procedures.

KISSPatent puts the power of patent protection for your unique software idea in your hands. We help startups and growing businesses increase their valuation, keep them from getting blocked, and protect their ideas with intellectual property.

I help entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, and growing businesses analyze their ideas for uniqueness, find product/market fit, increase their valuation, and protect those ideas with patents, trademarks, and copyrights — all without breaking the budget.

If you have any of the following questions, I can help!

“How and where should I start?”
“How do I find the best resources for my specific needs?
“How can I protect my ideas from being copied?”
“How can I keep my competitors from entering my market area?”
“How can I increase my company’s valuation without breaking my budget?”

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  • "Many startups don’t take the necessary steps to protect their innovations, and that’s a big mistake. Particularly in blockchain, an open-source philosophy embedded in the space makes many entrepreneurs eschew the competitive, territorial landscape of patent applications. In fact, a lot of startups believe patents can’t be enforced on decentralized autonomous technology. That’s not true. In keeping their distance, they do themselves, and the community, a disservice."

    2 February 2021
  • "If founders and entrepreneurs remain on the patent sidelines, they will forfeit the benefits of their innovations and inventions to the tech giants, which will have no remorse in squeezing them out and gobbling up even more markets."

    2 February 2021
  • "One of the most important strategic decisions a business can take is to get a patent. Patenting an invention has an impact on the value of the company. It not only protects it from copycats, but it also blocks others from a particular market."

    2 February 2021