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Founder & Medical Director at Gramercy Pediatrics and 1 other company
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Dr. Hes completed her residency in Social Pediatrics at New York’s Albert Einstein School of Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center. Prior to founding Gramercy Pediatrics, she maintained a large primary care practice within Park Slope Pediatrics in Brooklyn, New York. In addition, she developed and served as Director of the Pediatric Weight Management Program at New York Methodist Hospital. In conjunction with the Park Slope YMCA, Dr. Hes created the Be Fit program for overweight children. Since its inception, the program has served as a successful model for collaboration between hospitals and community centers nationwide.

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  • We have zero tests for children. We have zero swabs. I've had patients whose parents have COVID, child has a 102.5 fever. At the beginning when we were doing this, we were sending them to the ER. They got turned away. They were not tested because we do not have enough tests and the kids are doing well.

    9 June 2020
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  • Gramercy Pediatrics
    Founder & Medical Director
    started May 2010
  • Grain Foods Foundation
    MD FAAP, Medical Director, Gramercy Pediatrics; Scientific Advisory Board, Grain