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Dylan Ng Terntzer is the CEO and Co-Founder of LionsBot, a fast-growing, Singapore-headquartered smart
robotics company that develops professional cleaning robots with personality.
Founded in 2018, LionsBot has since grown to become a 70-employee strong start-up and has also developed
a wide range of professional floor cleaning robots focusing on. Focused on the B2B cleaning industry, the
70-employee strong start-up has deployed smart cleaning robots to over 22 countries worldwide. The
company’s first series of floor cleaning robots, the “LeoBots”, was awarded the prestigious Amsterdam
Innovation Award in 2020, the first Asian company to win this coveted prize.
Dylan is highly passionate about the future of cleaning technology and how robotics can empower and
transform the cleaning industry. Aiming to elevate the job of traditional cleaners to robot supervisors,
LionsBot allows a single cleaner to control up to 10 robots via an app. Travelling to every major cleaning
exhibition, Dylan stays abreast of the most advanced cleaning equipment and technology, constantly
implementing the latest industry know-how into his business.
Prior to founding LionsBot, Dylan started his first company, SuperSteam Asia Pacific, with his wife and
business partner, Michelle Seow, in 2002. A commercial cleaning supply company, SuperSteam Asia Pacific
focuses on distributing innovative cleaning technologies. The company is one of Singapore’s leading
distributors of professional cleaning products.
With a love for invention and problem solving since young, he won the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award in
1994 and the National Serviceman of the Year for Singapore Armed Forces, Artillery Formation, in 2007. Dylan
is passionate about leadership, positive psychology and inspiring a generation of young people to achieve
the impossible!
Dylan holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is
servingcurrent serves on the council of the Workforce Advancement Federation (WAF). Dylan is also an active
member of Entrepreneur Organisation (EO) and Young President’s Organisation (YPO).

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