Eben Bayer

CEO and Co-Founder at MyEats (formerly Atlast Food Co)
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Eben Bayer, Co-founder & CEO of Ecovative Design and MyEats (formerly Atlast Food Co), pioneers the growth of premium, award-winning mycelium-based products that are safe, healthy and certified sustainable. He is the primary inventor on more than 10 patents published in over 30 countries. After more than a decade of navigating the intricacies of mycelium—and better understanding its principles—Eben has brought his learnings into the food space, forming MyEats and its flagship product: MyBacon®. Utilizing what he calls the Forager’s Secret, Eben is enthusiastic to revolutionize the future of food through an entirely new category of alternative protein.

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  • MyEats (formerly Atlast Food Co)
    CEO and Co-Founder