Ed Cabrera

Chief Cybersecurity Officer at Trend Micro at Trend Micro and 1 other company
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Ed is responsible for analyzing emerging cyber threats to develop innovative and resilient enterprise risk management strategies for Fortune 500 clients and strategic partners. Before joining Trend Micro, he was a 20-year veteran and former CISO of the United States Secret Service with experience in leading information security, cyber investigative, and protective programs in support of the Secret Service integrated mission.

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  • COVID is international, it definitely provides another opportunity for these groups to scale their social engineering [psychological manipulation] attacks. We’ve definitely seen an uptick.

    3 May 2021
  • Striving for 'good enough' security is frankly not good enough given today's cyber risk landscape. This report mirrors many of my conversations with CISOs highlighting that lack of boardroom engagement can lead to poor cyber hygiene, and security that is not properly integrated into business processes. We can only create a culture of cybersecurity if CEOs and corporate directors lead by example. This encourages every employee to believe they have a role in protecting the organization.

    3 May 2021
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