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Chief Innovation Officer at Panzura
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Edward M. L. Peters , Ph.D. is an award winning executive and entrepreneur who has led several organizations to market leadership positions. He focuses on discovering innovative ways to leverage the combination of data and predictive analytics (e.g., AI/machine learning) to digitally transform businesses, enabling the creation previously unattainable improvements. He is the currently the Chief Innovation Officer at Panzura, LLC in San Jose, CA, where he leads the teams that conceptualize, plan, build and deliver the most innovative data management products on the planet.

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  • The ransomware criminal networks span the entire malware product life-cycle from access brokers to payment facilitation. Many, if not the majority, of the components are in countries that are beyond our ability to prosecute or take any action. What is needed is for the U.S. government to promote effective ransomware detection and recovery programs that obviate the need to ever pay a ransom for data. If there is no money to be made, the criminal activities will cease.

    23 September 2021
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    23 September 2021
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