Edul Patel

COO at Mudrex
On the record

Edul believes that blockchain will change the world, and that tokenization will bring in a vast number of assets that could not till today be digitized and exchanged for value. He foresees that this will improve the ability to give credit, transfer assets, trade globally and charge for services where early the cost per transaction would be close to zero. BFSI and supply chain will get hit first. It is not a question of 'if' but of 'when'. All Edul wants to do is accelerate it.

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  • Ether has grown rapidly in the last few days and is very likely to hit $2,000. Before that, we will see it struggle a bit with $1,750 as well. On the support side there is strong buying pressure around $1,300. Breaching that will trigger a further nose dive.

    9 February 2021
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