Eliot Lees

Vice President, Clean Transportation at ICF
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Eliot specializes in aviation due diligence, valuation, business planning, and infrastructure-related development. He is an expert in airport and city projects, air cargo, aircraft maintenance, logistics centers, business/industrial estates, fixed base operators, aerospace manufacturing, and fueling. He also works on a wide range of client engagements in airports, airlines, and aerospace.

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  • What you’ll see is the infrastructure for hydrogen becoming important for the on-road fleet of heavy- and medium-duty trucks, and from there it will make its way into aviation. The most immediate focus is on the medium-range market, the regional aircraft market, the turboprops — that’s what can be converted much more quickly,” he said. They will likely use fuel cell technology to power electric propellers, whereas longer-range planes, down the road, would more likely combust the hydrogen for thrust.

    30 December 2021
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  • ICF
    Vice President, Clean Transportation