Elke Osadnik

Director of Talent Acquisition at Envoy Global
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Elke is the Director of Talent Acquisition at Envoy Global. Elke trains management in performance based interviewing to ensure more in-depth interviews, enticing candidates to open-up more during the recruitment process and present more honest responses. She has extensive knowledge in designing and implementing high volume recruitment systems and assessment centers, enabling companies to hire the most suitable grads in the State, when dealing with hundreds or thousands of applications per role.

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  • Applying generalizations and assumptions can lead to organizations missing out on many highly suitable, effective employees. To change these mindsets, employers must increase awareness of this bias through multiple channels. Talking about the issue of age discrimination more in general, by sharing and contributing to relevant articles, is incredibly important. Employers must also prioritize learning more about ‘success stories’ of those hired in the IT field across a cross-section of age brackets. This is to ensure hiring managers and the general organization can have firsthand experience meeting and hearing from people who may not fit their preconceived ideas.

    19 April 2022
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