Emjee Smit

Founder at Kaya Capriole
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Emjee Smit is the Founder of Kaya Capriole, a luxury high heel brand that proudly creates artisanal, sustainable products for fashion lovers with an eco-friendly mindset. Emjee is whole-heartedly committed to sustainability and developing 'slow-fashion', creating uniquely designed and handmade pieces which oppose the fast fashion trends/practices that currently define the industry.

Emjee previously worked in the aviation industry, with the Covid-19 pandemic inspiring him to take a leap of faith and pursue his love for fashion and design. Now, Emjee creates bold, beautiful shoes inspired by the nature around him. Handcrafted in Italy from the finest materials, Emjee creates investment pieces that stand out from any crowd.

Emjee would be delighted to comment on any topic relating to fashion, footwear, high heels, high heel care, design, the LGBTQ community, career changes, entrepreneurship, small businesses/start-ups, the fashion industry.