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Emma Mankey Hidem is an innovative storyteller and media expert with over a decade of experience, who has been on the cutting edge of media technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality. Emma started working with immersive and interactive media in 2013 and she immediately saw the promise that these new technologies held for storytelling. She founded Sunnyside VR in 2015, when virtual reality was barely a glimmer on most peoples’ horizons. Since then, she has created unique experiential media for brands such as Mercedes, Estee Lauder, Norwegian Cruise Lines, AARP and the ACLU. Emma has spoken about immersive media all over the country, most notably at festivals such as AFI Docs and SXSW. Emma was named a “woman leader in VR” by Authority Magazine in 2021 and was named “filmmaker of the month” by the DC Film Office for January 2022. Emma serves on the board of Women in Film & Video and DCXR.

In 2020, in response to the covid-19 pandemic, Emma created The Game Show of Love, an interactive virtual dating game show that grew into a community of almost 1200 people in its first season. The show recently began its third season, revamping the show as an in-person event. Through multiple seasons, having interviewed hundreds of singles and interviewing dozens of experts, Emma saw how much bad advice was out there and was inspired to become a dating & relationship coach. The Game Show of Love has been featured on many media outlets around DC, as well as on the nationally-syndicated tv show, The List. And Emma's dating advice has been included in articles in both the US and Canada!

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  • "The new prototypes Meta recently unveiled seek to solve a number of the issues that make current virtual reality headsets feel a lot more "virtual" than "reality,"

    Other visual processing issues that Zuckerberg hopes to fix are the color and lens distortion, Hidem pointed out. For color, they've built a prototype that has HDR to make colors feel more vivid and realistic because the real world is significantly brighter than a screen. Lenses automatically distort light passing through them, particularly when moving your head in a VR headset; this lens distortion can become noticeable. Meta's prototype attempts to eliminate this lens distortion in real-time by adjusting the visuals accordingly.

    "Overall, these things stand to make the user experience better," Hidem said. "The more like reality the experience is, [visually], the less likely people are to get motion sick, as well. That said, these prototypes pretty much only improve the sense of sight in VR, and many people want other senses better replicated in VR, particularly touch, which is pretty rudimentary right now with vibrating haptic type feedback for the most part."
    -Lifewire, VR expert to discuss Meta headsets (https://www.lifewire.com/metas-upcoming-headsets-could-bring-vr-closer-to-real-life-experts-say-5496681)

    27 June 2022
  • "The industry goal is to make the headsets smaller, lighter, and sleeker-looking while simultaneously increasing the field of vision and image quality."

    [Mankey] Hidem also predicted that AR and VR headsets would merge. "In this case, users would have a sleek pair of glasses that 'blackout,' so to speak, on the outside for VR and allow you to see the world around you for AR. They will come with built-in and accurate hand tracking so that you don't need bulky controllers,"
    -Lifewire, New Headset Designs Could Make VR More Comfortable (https://www.lifewire.com/new-headset-designs-could-make-vr-more-comfortable-5220920)

    31 March 2022
  • “As a woman who doesn’t want kids, I find that upfront honesty is the best policy. Otherwise, you’re just wasting each other’s time,” says Emma Mankey Hidem, the creator and host of The Game Show of Love.

    As a result, Mankey Hidem likes to bring up kids right away. She says, “If not on the first date, then by the third at the absolute latest. I don’t think it’s actually that awkward to say, ‘Look, this is an intense question, but I’m going to ask it now so that we don’t waste each other’s time.’”
    -The Edmonton Sun, Having the Talk (https://www.pressreader.com/canada/edmonton-sun/20220328/281981791094649)

    31 March 2022
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