Emma McGowan

Senior Writer + Online Privacy Advocate at Avast
On the record

Emma McGowan is the Senior Writer for the Avast blog, tackling online security and privacy from a lifestyle perspective. Previous to joining Avast, she was a freelance writer for a decade, focusing on women’s health, sexuality education, and startups. Her work has appeared in Buzzfeed, Mashable, Startups.com, The Daily Dot, Mic, Bustle, Broadly, and Bedsider, among others. When she’s not writing, Emma can be found reading trashy novels, sewing and embroidering, and playing with her tabby cat, Dwight.

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  • Phishing schemes are on the rise, with a 20% increase in the risk of individuals being phished recorded from June to October 2021. Use your best judgment before clicking on links both on your phone or in your browser without confirming first that they came from the person they say they’re from.

  • It can be tempting to download that sweet new game, but it’s worth it to do your due diligence before downloading anything – because it might come with more than you planned for. Only download from trusted sources and do a little research, as anything you download from a sketchy source could potentially put spyware on your phone.

  • Apps need permission to do certain things in order to function, but some unscrupulous companies take advantage of app permissions to collect more information about you than they really need. Instead of automatically clicking “yes” on every app permission, take a minute to think whether or not they really need that thing in order to function.

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