Emmi Fortin

Breakup & Relationship Coach at Self Employed
On the record

Emmi Fortin, Breakup & Relationship Coach, helps heartbroken women and men use their breakup or damaging relationship as an opportunity for growth and learning so they can attract happy and healthy relationships in the future. A high school Biology teacher turned entrepreneur, Emmi created her RED Process™ to guide people through an intentional Breakup Recovery Period™, preparing them to move forward in relationships and life.

Emmi works with clients in all stages of their recovery process in her one-on-one coaching program WAKE UP from Your Breakup, is an engaging speaker, and debut author. She shares her spicy and entertaining yet deeply vulnerable backstory about her entanglement with a man in the salsa dancing scene in her memoir Who Is Your Red Dress? One Woman’s Quest to Break Up with a Love Addiction.

Emmi has traveled to over 20 countries and draws from what she has learned from different cultures, along with her own years of experience in the online dating scene, to incorporate the concept of exploration into her dynamic work. You can learn more about Emmi at www.emmifortin.com or connect through email at info@emmifortin.com.

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