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Eng is the Chief Executive Officer at Simplr, a disruptive customer service solution that is transforming the way that businesses engage their customers. Eng brings over 22 years of experience leading strategic initiatives and program execution and management across the retail, commerce, tech, automotive, transportation and industrial industries. He leads strategic decision-making, product and program development, and business management in his role as CEO for Simplr. He holds a AB in Economics from Harvard University.

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  • There are two approaches that business leaders should take – the first is setting up a business model that maximizes data access and curation. Second, the identification of talent that will be a good fit for your business, using new tools like machine learning and practical operationalization. At Simplr, we believe in making our human specialists more effective and efficient by adding in automation to help deliver better customer service. Machine Learning helps accelerate repetitive and transactional tasks such as talent screening, customer inquiry routing, and knowledge base curation and presentment to specialists. This helps make specialists more effective and provide a better experience and relationship with customers.

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