Enrique Ortegon

SVP, SMB Sales North America at Salesforce
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Enrique Ortegon is the Senior Vice President, SMB at Salesforce, leading the sales team focused on helping small-and-medium-sized businesses grow and succeed with easy-to-use CRM technology that scales with their business. Enrique is an Economist, graduated with honors, from the ITESM - Monterrey Institute of Technology in Mexico and holds an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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  • Your customer has to have a different and better experience dealing with you. The customer has to be a beneficiary of the technology itself. Salespeople have to see that they’re spending less time on administrative tasks. If it’s not adopted and driven by management it’s likely to fail.

    1 November 2021
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  • Salesforce
    SVP, SMB Sales North America