Eric Beste

Former Federal Prosecutor, Attorney at Barnes & Thornburg
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Eric is a former federal prosecutor, who developed a breadth of litigation experience at the DOJ’s Criminal Division, Fraud Section, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of California. Eric prosecuted over a dozen senior executives at publicly traded companies and secured numerous insider trading convictions, giving him a behind-the-scenes look into the investigation of securities fraud by the DOJ and SEC. Eric also has a breadth of experience in the following areas and would be happy to provide insight for any relevant stories of yours:

• Securities Fraud, including insider trading, market manipulation, and accounting fraud,
• Healthcare Fraud
• Government Contracting and Procurement Fraud
• Environmental Crimes
• Bribery and Public Corruption
• Money Laundering and Banking Crimes
• Universities and Athletic Department Scandals

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  • Most fraudsters don’t expect every scam to be a success, said Eric Beste, a former federal prosecutor who handled multiple fraud cases during his 22-year DOJ career.

    “It doesn’t have to work that often,” Beste told Quartz. “If you sell a couple of these planes, you’re off off to the races.”

  • Even when companies use legitimate methods to pull revenue forward, it can cause problems, said Eric Beste, a former federal prosecutor who specialized in accounting fraud cases.

    “When you do it once, it’s hard to stop if the problems continue in the next quarter,” said Beste, now a partner with Barnes & Thornburg, a San Diego business law firm. “You had counted on it in Q2 and now you have to fill that in. Once you’re pulling revenue from future quarters you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

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