Eric Schwartz

Managing Director, North America at Scibids
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Eric is the Head of US sales and operations at Scibids Technology. Scibids is a cutting edge artificial intelligence which substantially reduces acquisition costs of real-time bidding (RTB) campaigns. They work hand in hand with the leading DSPs and major ad agencies, brands and managed services to bring AI and customized bidding logic into the world of media optimization.

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  • AI is raising expectations in marketing, as it is doing in virtually all other industries, particularly the open web, which requires independent and interoperable ad decisioning. The challenges for advertisers grow daily as digital marketing investments scale and become an ever more critical contributor to business growth. Advertisers seeking to grow their business on Xandr’s Invest DSP can now easily activate Scibids AI to scale their business objectives in an accountable and measurable manner across paid media channels.

    26 March 2022
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  • Scibids
    Managing Director, North America