Eric (Yuhao Dong) Tung

Founder at Themelio
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Eric is the Founder at Themelio, a public blockchain designed as a universal trust substrate, focused on stability, security, and performance. He is a Computer Security Researcher and Entrepreneur especially interested in the potential of decentralized and privacy-focused technology. His goal is to learn as much as possible while working with other professionals who are also passionate about their fields or careers, so that they may all grow as a group.

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  • Yes, it absolutely can. Cryptocurrency demolishes the false dichotomy between relatively decentralized, private physical payments and centralized, monitored electronic payments. Of course, this does require privacy-protecting technologies like anonymous payment channels or privacy coins – not just transparent on-chain transactions – but those are mostly solved problems. The hard problem is making a cryptocurrency that people would actually use as money rather than a speculative asset. Bitcoin's too volatile, and stablecoins are too tied to fiat to be a real alternative.

    8 July 2022
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