Erich Joachimsthaler Ph.D.

CEO and Founder at Vivaldi, Inc.
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Founder and CEO of award-winning consulting firm, Vivaldi Group, Erich is the secret weapon for big brands and helped the likes of American Express, Samsung and Coca-Cola transform its customer and marketing strategies to enhance its business models during this era of technological disruption. Erich is also heavily consulted in high-profile corporate lawsuits. Author of The Interaction Field, where he dissects the “do’s” and “don’ts” of great brand strategies and has strong opinions on why the Big 5 have grown too big, too powerful, and too rich for the common good and how it’s not just money that makes a monopoly.

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  • The metaverse can push the culture forward through the fundamental reimagination of higher education curricula. Through collaboration in the virtual space, colleges and universities can develop a competitive edge, ultimately driving higher enrollment rates and student retention rates.

  • The metaverse is ultimately an extension of society, and CMOs looking to capitalize on the new advertising realm must be able to authentically leverage existing relationships to create a competitive edge through value.

  • The metaverse is a massive opportunity and far more than a marketing fad or meme; the metaverse is a hugely valuable cultural touchpoint that can accelerate digital transformation, innovation, consumer engagement and most importantly add value to all stakeholders.

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