Erik Curren

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Erik draws on his own experience as a local elected official and citizen lobbyist at all levels of government. He writes books to help get citizens involved in the biggest challenges. As an activist for clean energy, he wants to write an easy-to-use guide to help ordinary citizens to become effective champions for more solar power in America.

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  • It horrified me that the nation founded by Washington, Jefferson, Madison, preserved by Lincoln, would be attacked by such despicable people, many of whom were white supremacist terrorists. I felt like it was my responsibility as an American to stand up. This is not an issue just for people in Washington to handle. We don’t expect people in the District of Columbia to be responsible for the whole preserving the United States system of government. People all over the country have to stand up if they feel strongly about it, and I did. I was scared to death. I still am. I felt like I had to go back to Staunton City Council.

    19 June 2021