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Attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation
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Ethan Blevins is an attorney working in PLF’s free speech, property rights, and separation of powers practice groups. He has spent most of his PLF career suing his favorite defendant, the City of Seattle, and has earned a nickname from The Seattle Times as “the sharpest pin around to the council’s liberal bubble.” He’s had a life-long dream to earn a superhero name, so he proudly accepts the teasing title of “The Pin” from his co-workers. In addition to his legal work, Ethan has spoken and written on a variety of legal and policy issues. He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, and his writings have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Seattle Times, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Hill, and other major publications.

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  • The decision fails to fully recognize the ongoing injury done to landlords who are going for months without income for mortgage payments and living expenses. Landlords are like any other business suffering through this dire time.

    26 August 2021
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