Evan Nierman

Founder & CEO at Red Banyan and 3 other companies
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My team and I deliver RESULTS. I lead an international PR and crisis management firm that exists to press the truth. We empower clients to achieve business goals using strategic communications. We specialize in crisis management, high-stakes PR, and complex assignments that require creative thinking, steady judgment shaped by experience and a relentless commitment to exceeding expectations.

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  • Yelp is responding to the cultural and political climate, but it has terrible negative unintended consequences. All it takes is one misunderstanding and businesses can be damaged forever.

    6 November 2020
  • As companies battle for the hearts and minds of the public, especially when lawsuits and reputations are in play, it is essential for the legal and PR strategies to complement one another. Rather than fearing the potential pitfalls of communicating about a legal dispute, organizations can benefit greatly from telling their story and appropriately framing the key issues.

    23 December 2019
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