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Evan Williams, CSCS*D is a Sports Performance Specialist for UCLA Health Sports Performance and Owner/Founder of E2G Performance. Specializing in Strength & Conditioning, He received his education from Eastern Illinois University where he majored in Exercise Science/Kinesiology. He holds several certifications including CSCS*D, NSCA CPT*D, PES, USAW, XPS, XFS, and FMS. Evan has worked with the Under Armour Performance Center as a sponsored trainer, University of a Maryland Basketball, Stanford University, Google, EXOS, and UCLA Health Sports Performance.

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  • The best and fastest way to achieve this goal is to include strength and cardio exercises in their routine. Whether they’re done during the same session or done separately, it’s been proven to be the most effective way to reduce body fat. Body fat percentage is a great way to gauge the progress of your goal,” he explains, pointing to the fact that fat mass is mostly stored at the waist area–so this is a perfect area of focus for your workout plan.

    28 October 2021
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