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Founder and CEO at Linc
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Fang Cheng is the Co-founder and CEO of Linc Global, a Customer Care Automation platform. Linc-powered AI agents automate 80%+ directly shopper facing service interactions for leading brands and retailers. Fang previously co-founded Touchco, served as COO, and led the business to be acquired by Amazon. Prior to that, Fang had multiple years of experience as a hedge fund manager focusing on algorithmic trading.

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  • Using chatbots to automate customer service is not a new tactic; however, while they can bring strong efficiency benefits, interactions gone awry are often detrimental to customer service experiences and can have long-term ramifications. This often occurs when the dialogue flow goes off-script as a result of consumers’ follow-up questions.

    2 August 2022
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    2 August 2022
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