Fayez Mohamood

CEO and Co-founder at Bluecore
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Fayez Mohamood is the co-founder and CEO of TriggerMail, a marketing automation company that allows eCommerce companies to personalize emails in real-time. Previously, he was Head of Product at BigDoor. He was responsible for conceiving, executing, and iterating on gamified loyalty and rewards programs to increase user retention across the websites of major global brands like NFL, Dell, Adobe and Starbucks, to name a few. Fayez also co-founded Gameday Tycoon, a simple fantasy sports game that runs on Facebook, as well as Sponty which was a service that allowed people to discover music events in town.

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  • I also spend a lot of time with our retail customers to ensure they’re successful, and our products are aligned with their goals. At Bluecore, we’re also deeply committed to our culture, so I really like to be part of the onboarding process of new employees.

    7 February 2021
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