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I am the director and founder of Econ Americas, a financial consultancy devoted to alternative investments in Latin America. In addition to equity research, my team facilitates investor and media relations related to economics and finance.

I am host of the Gold Newsletter Podcast, a columnist for the Epoch Times, and a research associate with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. Previously, I was an investment analyst for Bluestem Equity in Houston, Texas.

I hold an MBA in finance from Rice University (2021), a BA in economics from Boston University (2007), a BA in political science from the University of Waikato (2009), and a certificate in Cuban history from the University of Miami (2013). I have passed CFA level one and will sit level two later this summer.

I was born in New Zealand and came to the United States on an athletic scholarship in 2003. While I reside in Utah, I have lived in five other states and seven other countries. I am a citizen of Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

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  • Fergus Hodgson, director at Econ Americas, offered three main reasons why he thinks inflation won’t be transitory: “unprecedented monetary expansion, economies impeded by COVID-19 controls and elevated inflation expectations.”

    “If you shut down economies for over a year and print money like a madman, you are going to get inflation,” he said. “And now that the layman can see this, the United States has entered a period of higher inflation expectations.”

    When inflation expectations rise, Hodgson said, the cost increases become “embedded in contracts [and] price projections — including wages,” making it difficult to undo the “temporary” increases.

    Prices could remain elevated for “two years, perhaps longer,” he said.…

    As the population ages, “the need for federal deficits and consequent monetization will only grow,” which will be inflationary, Hodgson said. Further, he is concerned about the decline in the labor participation rate.


    19 July 2021
  • However, Fergus Hodgson, director of financial consultancy firm Econ Americas, is concerned about the impacts of sustainability-linked bonds, as he believes it “shifts the performance burden from explicit financial metrics to environmental-impact perceptions, which are easier to fudge and manipulate.”


    16 July 2021
  • At Econ Americas, a financial consultancy, Fergus Hodgson told the Western Standard that supply management is no small matter.

    “I do think this is an important issue … with a very clear distinction between what Canadian people want and need … and what Ottawa is doing,” Hodgson said.

    “Some organizations or lobbies can control the regulations related to their industry to the detriment of the rest of the country … this whole supply-management system is just an eyesore that continues on.”

    Hodgson wishes Canada embraced free trade for the good of all and did not attempt backhanded protectionism.

    “Picking a fight with the United States at such a time is just absurd. I don’t know why Canada would even do this. This is such a vulnerable time economically for the country. And we all know that the US is head and shoulders above any other trading partner. So really, getting into a fight over some dairy products is just begging for a retaliation, which would be far more painful to Canada than to the United States.”


    17 June 2021
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