Fern Berg

Plant & Gardening Expert - Founder at Tree Vitalize
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Fern is the founder of Tree Vitalize and has planted and currently cares for over 100 different native and exotic fruit, nut, and ornamental trees. She also cultivates an extensive vegetable garden, several flower gardens and cares for an ever-growing happy family of indoor plants.

Fern has a special interest in biodynamic farming, food production and closed loop agriculture and is currently in the process of becoming an IARC certified horticulturist.

Tree Vitalize was created with the goal of empowering home gardeners with the information needed to confidently select, plant and care for trees. Our team of tree lovers have created resources with an extensive focus on USDA hardiness zones, and why it is important to choose trees and plants that will thrive within each zone.

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  • "While there are ways to make the environment in your house more like the natural habitat of your houseplant, some plants will simply not thrive when kept indoors," says Fern Berg, the founder of Tree Vitalize.

    - Parade

  • Gardeners often skip planning their plants' placement which could lead to disappointing results. “We all want to squeeze as much as we can into the garden,” Fern Berg, the founder of Tree Vitalize, says.
    For trees, remember to check not only their maturity height and spread potential, but also if they have invasive roots, Berg suggests.

    - The Spruce

  • “There is nothing more satisfying than eating home-grown produce, and no home garden is complete without an apple tree (Malus domestica),” says Fern Berg. “These versatile trees are available in a range of cultivars suitable for USDA zones 3 to 10 – just be sure to pick a cultivar suitable for your location.

    - Gardening Know How

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