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VP of Strategic Solutions at NetSPI
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Florindo is the Vice President of Strategic Solutions at NetSPI. He is a senior risk management and information security practitioner with experience in the government, commercial, and consulting sectors. Florindo is a former CISO and vCISO and specialize in designing, developing, and deploying business-aligned programs to meet the challenges of securely managing the business, and achieve and maintain compliance to regulatory and industry requirements.

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  • It’s time to acknowledge how critical data backup has become, especially since many ransomware strains attempt to delete backup files, as we witnessed with Ryuk. Most businesses are faced with two significant risks when it comes to backups: the theft and public disclosure of sensitive data, and the disruption of critical business functions. If either of these risks occur, organizations could endure devastating consequences. To make sure that doesn’t happen, organizations need to proactively put strategies in place to bolster protection against these threat actors.

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