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CEO of Creative Digital Marketing agency Online Optimism. The agency, founded in 2021, has dozens of Optimists working from offices in Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, and New Orleans, LA around the country. Flynn has been a featured speaker at conferences, as well as on podcasts, for topics including marketing, analytics, the metaverse, cryptocurrency, web3, social media, managing millennials/gen z, and entrepreneurship.

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  • "Microsoft's partnership with Qualcomm represents a choice that's diametrically opposite than its main competitor, Apple. "Apple recently split up with Intel, opting to produce its own chips for most of its equipment. Microsoft is instead still relying on external chip manufacturers. This is a sign that they believe that the turn to the metaverse, and services that use their Microsoft Mesh service, are going to happen sooner or later."

  • Unfortunately for users, there’s no keyboard shortcut to disable in-video advertising. If you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you can remove any interruptions by ads before or during a video, including video overlay ads.

  • There will no longer be such a thing as forging impressions, or engagements, since user metrics on the blockchain will have been confirmed. Blockchain technology provides the next step toward better tracking of digital campaigns.

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