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CEO of Creative Digital Marketing agency Online Optimism, located in New Orleans, Louisiana. His agency, named to the Best Places to Work list, provides their clients with social media management, SEO, SEM, website design, and other digital marketing efforts. Flynn has presented and been cited in articles on Forbes,, and Social Media Today for his expertise on Internet advertising, analytics, and managing millennials.

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  • Unfortunately for users, there’s no keyboard shortcut to disable in-video advertising. If you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you can remove any interruptions by ads before or during a video, including video overlay ads.

    19 October 2021
  • There will no longer be such a thing as forging impressions, or engagements, since user metrics on the blockchain will have been confirmed. Blockchain technology provides the next step toward better tracking of digital campaigns.

    19 October 2021
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    started Oct 2012