Ford Seeman

Founder and Managing Partner at Righteous Causes Inc. and 1 other company
On the record

Ford Seeman is a social good entrepreneur. After a decade of working in management level positions and on Wall St as a financial adviser, Ford decided to pivot to the nonprofit sector. He is the Founder and President of Forest Founders, a 501c3 whose mission is to create the tools to allow individuals and businesses to become carbon accountable. He is also the Cofounder of Righteous Causes, a benefit corporation dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through an “Innovator Incubator.”

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  • We want to create the tools for individuals and businesses become carbon accountable. Through planting trees, businesses can attract more environmentally-conscious consumers.

    1 October 2021
  • There’s been a big movement to divest large investment firms from investing in fossil fuels, and that’s a start. But the BlackRock announcement would have sounded a lot better 10 years ago, not when investing in renewable energy is actually cheaper than fossil fuels. It ultimately makes for a feel-good story.

    13 December 2020
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