Francesca Fornasari

Head of Currency Solutions at Insight Investment
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Francesca joined Insight in June 2019. She is responsible for the oversight of Insight’s dedicated team of currency investment professionals which provides currency solutions ranging from foreign exchange hedging to currency alpha.

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  • As institutional investors seek diversification and as bitcoin passed the $1 trillion market cap mark earlier this year, Fornasari said Insight, like many of its peers, was forced to ask itself if bitcoin was "becoming too big to be ignored."

    She said that the average institutional investor should assess whether Bitcoin is going to become a mainstay of the payments system.

    While bitcoin is the largest and most liquid cryptocurrency, giving it a "first-mover advantage," Fornasari said she is skeptical that it will take significant market share as a payments system because of its high transaction fees and volatility.

    "Even though we trade a fair amount of pretty volatile assets, there's nothing in the universe that we trade that has the volatility of 100%," Fornasari said of bitcoin.

    15 September 2021
  • As we progress into 2021, it is not clear that the U.S. is at such a disadvantage to generate a significant drop in the dollar beyond what we’re experiencing, which may last a few months, and not necessarily a longer multi-year bearish trend.

    24 February 2021
  • The vaccine is good news no doubt, but our general sense is that rollout will be slower than people and the markets expect.

    24 February 2021