Francois Chopard

CEO & Founder at Starburst Accelerator
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Francois Chopard is the CEO and Founder of Starburst Aerospace and an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in strategy consulting, entrepreneurship and business development. In 2012, he founded Starburst Accelerator, the 1st incubator/accelerator dedicated to aerospace start-ups. Mr. Chopard specializes in the Aviation Aerospace and Defense industries featuring high stakes technology and has developed a wide experience of innovation-related issues.

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  • We disappointed a lot of people, but we’ve been able to move forward, to grow the company and adapt our business.

  • The main players are still targeting 2025 for the first commercial flights, Volocopter is allowed to fly in certain parts of Germany, Joby is supposed to be certified soon by the FAA. Several cities are working on the right policy to make these vehicles fly, so we are still in the race to make the next ten years the eVTOL decade.