Frank Tortorici

Director of Media Relations and Crisis Communications at Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc.
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Frank Tortorici has been at the forefront of the public relations and media relations fields since 1984. Though he has specialized in business-to-business and financial public relations, Tortorici has experience in many sectors, including tech, crisis communications and pharmaceutical media relations. He has worked in public relations agencies, including Edelman and in-house at not-for-profit institutions. Tortorici served as public relations director for the global business networking organization The Conference Board for nearly 20 years. He is a senior public and media relations executive with experience leading business-to-business communications programs for global organizations and PR agencies.

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  • Do not minimize the possibility of the number of dead and injured at the onset of the situation, because it makes you look disingenuous if the body count grows. Also, be sure to mention at the onset of the disaster if any construction was being done (whether or not it contributed to the accident), as it was here. Then keep everyone apprised of findings on causes as they emerge.

    28 June 2021
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    28 June 2021
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