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  • Jobcase conducted a survey of 515 unemployed workers in May and found that almost all said they weren’t making more money out of work than when they had jobs, though 34% said they are still uncomfortable going back to work.

    Their biggest concerns were health worries surrounding the virus, followed by pay rates being too low. In addition to pay, Goff cites “superfluous” requirements for jobs, such as college degrees that don’t apply or training that isn’t needed.

    And he faults corporate CEOs who place more importance on returning money to shareholders than paying workers.

    “All we’re saying is what was acknowledged before the crisis, that we have too much emphasis on shareholder value and not enough on worker value,” Goff said.

  • “Jobcase recently conducted a survey and found that unemployed workers rank pay (41%) as their top consideration in selecting a job right now and 15% said their biggest obstacle to getting back to work today is finding a job that can pay what they need,” said Fred Goff, co-founder and CEO of Jobcase. “This isn’t rocket science, it's Economics 101. The clearing price for labor markets now is simply higher than it was prior to the pandemic. Every company has the potential to be fully staffed if they simply pay what the market is telling them is a fair and livable wage. It’s time to balance shareholder value with worker value.”

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