Fred Tillman

VP of Product Development at ECI Software Solutions
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VP Product Development

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  • “Customer service has become more important than ever before, and to effectively compete, manufacturers must find a way to balance prioritizing daily tasks with maintaining effective lines of communication with their customers,” said Fred Tillman, VP Product Development of ECI. “With this cloud-based application, our M1 users can provide near-real time updates to customers on orders, without having to manually communicate with them during each stage of the production and shipment lifecycle. This type of flexibility and accommodation has become even more critical in the age of COVID-19, and we’re thrilled to offer our customers a solution that makes this type of communication easier than ever before.”

    22 September 2021
  • In today’s complex business climate, small and mid-sized players need a solution that provides users with complete control and real-time insight into their business. With its newly enhanced capabilities, KnowledgeSync easily integrates with nearly everything—from ERP and financial systems to external websites. It is more flexible, powerful, scalable and reliable than ever before, saving our users valuable time and money. We’re confident that our KnowledgeSync's global customer base will be able to leverage this powerful workflow solution to help increase their competitive advantage as the market around them continues to evolve.

    8 January 2021
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    8 January 2021
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