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Co-founder and CEO at Mine
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Gal is an accomplished leader with a rare fusion of technology (Cybersecurity, 6 years in the 8200 elite intelligence corps), entrepreneurship, VC experience, strategic thinking, and unique business skills. During his 4 and a half years tenure as a VC investor, Gal had the opportunity to deploy ~$50M in 20+ amazing early & late-stage companies in the Israeli eco-system. Gal also had the chance of helping those companies excel in almost every aspect of their business and learned so much during this journey. Hel strongly believes that "success is a management of failures" and therefore his motto: “do not be afraid to take risks and experience failures. This is how we learn best!”

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  • Every year we provide our personal data to many new companies on the Internet as part of our daily lives. On average, there are 350 companies holding our sensitive data. Since Covid-19 started, this number increased by 55% due to a massive digital transformation

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