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Co-Founder & CEO at Roofstock
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  • Forces much more powerful than who is living in the White House are creating an environment conducive to low rates, namely global economic weakness triggered by the COVID pandemic. Also the Fed has gone on record that they are less concerned about inflation than slow growth thus intend to keep rates low through at least 2023. This is significantly more clarity than we typically have from the Fed. With all this in mind, I do not anticipate the election outcome to influence interest rates materially one way or the other.

    2 November 2020
  • If mortgage delinquencies spike and lenders are prevented from foreclosing, it could affect their desire to make new loans, limiting the availability of credit for new borrowers or raising the bar for loan qualifications.

    2 November 2020
  • Most owners are reporting rent collections largely in line with pre-COVID levels.

    4 August 2020
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