Gary Bonnett

Head of Customer Engagement at SafetyCulture
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"Gary Bonnett is the Head of Customer Engagement at SafetyCulture, an Operations Platform that allows organizations to digitize, standardize, and optimize their processes with streamlined visibility and communications to all parts of the organization.

Gary spent the past 20 years in Mining, Oil and Gas, and Manufacturing driving safety and operational excellence with calculated ROI. With a MBA from Texas A&M University, he enjoys helping organizations realize the efficiency gained through a digital transformation and servant leadership."

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  • “Everything has risk. It is our job as business professionals to control and minimize risks to an acceptable level. Uncontrolled risk can negatively affect businesses in many different ways — none of which lead to safe work environments, efficient processes, or optimal profitability. Risk Management is a must in all aspects of the business if you want to achieve longevity, profitability, and sustainability.”

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