Gary M. Tenzer

Principal/Co-Founder at George Smith Partners
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  • “I would expect that the Coronavirus will affect sales very positively at the grocery anchor, but the restaurants and side shops in the centers will be hurt badly in the ensuing downturn,” said Gary Tenzer, Principal, Co-Founder at George Smith Partners.
    Propmodo 2.20.21

    18 January 2022
  • “While the moratorium has been beneficial to many (residents) who have been unable to work and pay rent during the COVID pandemic, it has imposed an undue hardship on landlords who must continue to pay the operating expenses and mortgage payments throughout the moratorium,” Gary Tenzer, Principal/Co-Founder at George Smith Partners.
    MHN 8/3/2021

    18 January 2022
  • “Some of our more sophisticated developer clients have purchased future contracts to control costs on certain commodities such as lumber,” Gary Tenzer, co-founder and principal at George Smith Partners, says. “Many of our clients use hedging instruments such as interest rate collars or swaps to protect against interest rate risk.”
    Globe St. 6/7/21

    14 January 2022
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