Gaurav Sethi

Head of Citizens Pay: Strategy, Product & Platform at Citizens Bank
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Results-oriented Financial Services executive with 20+ years leadership experience and a proven record of accomplishment in driving comprehensive business, marketing & product strategies. Analytical decision-maker with the ability to innovate and develop creative solutions to achieve business results.

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  • Transparency appeals more to a younger audience that honestly questions the status quo. 'Why should I do it this way?'

    And some of it is because they've experienced firsthand -- or potentially second hand through their parents -- watching some sort of credit card debt spiraling out of control, but there are also some who just aren't eligible to get a card anymore, even if they wanted one, because of the tightening of credit. So between those, either, 'I don't want a credit card' or, 'I can't get a credit card, and by the way, I don't want to get into a debt spiral,' other loans are creating this sentiment toward an easier, more transparent and responsible way to purchase and pay for things.

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  • Citizens Bank
    Head of Citizens Pay: Strategy, Product & Platform