Gaurav Sharma

CEO and Co-Founder at Capitalize
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On a quest to make sure all Americans retire with enough money. Currently serving as CEO and Co-Founder of Capitalize, a venture-backed fintech company in New York focused on the retirement savings market. Previously at hedge fund Greenlight Capital investing in companies in the technology, media, financial services and industrials sectors. Worked as an investor for Highbridge (JP Morgan) and on corporate M&A at UBS and Morgan Stanley.

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  • As fintech companies have digitized across various industries, we noticed a gap in the retirement savings market to improve how legacy accounts are transferred and managed. With Capitalize, we’re empowering Americans to consolidate their 401k assets and make the most of their money as they move throughout their careers.

    1 May 2021
  • One of the biggest problems is accounts that are tied to employers. They may offer a 401(k), but when you change jobs, you have to figure out what to do with the money, and many people tend to make bad decisions.

    1 May 2021
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