Gayathri Rajan

Chief Product Officer at DriveWealth
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After completing her MBA at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, Gayathri joined Financial Engines to develop and scale their 401(k) automated asset management program. Only a year later, she joined Google to be part of the brand and scaling journey. Over the first decade spent, Gayathri built B2B products at various stages in their product life cycle. Notably, she founded Google’s unified payments platform (now supporting $180B+ in annual payments and disbursements) across their Ads, Android, YouTube, and Enterprise businesses.

The last six years of her career were spent sinking her teeth into Google Maps, leading their Enterprise organization as an independent business unit, with dedicated product, engineering, and GTM teams across the Americas, EMEA, and Asia. Founded in August 2016, the charter was to build a sustainable, multi-billion dollar enterprise business leveraging Google’s Geo data assets. She led the rebuild of the engineering platform, making it enterprise-grade for a value-based pricing strategy. She built a completely new 300+ person organization and increased revenue from $200M to $multi-billion. With the new pricing model and increase in maps services, they quickly became the go-to embedded maps provider for the rideshare, logistics, and transportation sector. In fact, she was the one leading negotiations with Sundeep Jain to get Uber onboard as a partner.

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