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CEO at VRBex
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I immigrated to the USA in 1990 with nothing more than a fellowship to NYU and an ambition to succeed. Born in Canada, and raised by a single father, I had to work hard every step of the way to overcome very humble beginnings. Worked three jobs to pay for my undergraduate degree, and today I retain that work ethic forged by the need to make things happen. Currently co-founder and CEO of my second FinTech startup, my other roles have included Managing Director at the global bank BBVA, CEO of a financial services software vendor, investment banking COO, management consultant, and a floor trader on a New York futures exchange.

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  • This is a momentous shift in the digital-asset landscape, as it's one of the first times a traditional investment bank has been retained to sell security tokens. Our vision is to bring traditional investors into the cryptocurrency space. As such, Entoro is the perfect partner to introduce the VRBex investment to this class of investors who are seeking to diversify their investment exposure with cryptocurrencies. The investment community has been extremely supportive of alternate financing vehicles, and VRBex looks forward to participating in this new and rapidly evolving investment process.

    3 March 2021
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