Geoffrey S. Underwood

Founder & Partner at Prospect14
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Founder & Partner at Prospect14. Geoff and his team have more than 25 years of collective experience working in renewable energy, having originated/developed more than 5GW of projects, the equivalent of replacing fifteen average-sized coal-fired utility plants. Additionally, the team has experience working with leading regional and national solar developers, with experience developing solar projects in 19 states. They also have deep experience in capital markets, with more than $2 billion in closed project financing for cleantech and renewable energy projects and ventures.

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  • Since 2017 [Prospect14] has developed more than 2GW of early stage project opportunities in PJM and other burgeoning markets," said Geoffrey S. Underwood, a Partner of Prospect14. "[We are] pleased to leverage [our] scaled-origination platform with Grasshopper Solar.

  • We believe solar energy is key to a global transition to clean energy. Our company prospects for attractive sites for solar energy, and by doing so we increase the prospect of a solar energy future.

  • As financial interest builds, investors are getting involved earlier in the development process. At some point, you start to say, 'Well if we're going to get in this early we might as well just acquire a company that's actually doing this early-stage development.'

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