George Sakellaris

President and Chief Executive Officer at Ameresco
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Mr. Sakellaris is the President and Chief Executive Officer, as well as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ameresco. A Visionary and Entrepreneur, George founded Ameresco in April 2000. He aspired to build an entirely product-neutral and supplier-independent energy company that had the skills, capabilities and foresight to create independent energy solutions that went beyond just conservation; one that addressed a customer’s entire energy stream including supply and demand, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

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  • Climate change is the issue of our generation, and we must act now and make it a top priority. We must think creatively to play an integral role in the transformation of the energy industry and the resolution of climate issues. We have an opportunity before us to change the trajectory of the energy industry in collaboration with our customers, partners, and communities. Our commitment to net zero is unwavering, and we have never been more prepared to take action.

    24 January 2022
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