Get Beyond the Walls

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Get Beyond the Walls is a mobile game by the game designers at Room to Escape, played outside of the Room to Escape walls. New games will be coming often, so play and play often! Each game is full of exercises and puzzles and requires new strategies in order to complete all challenges and score high on the leaderboard! You can play by yourself or in teams of up to five.

Get Beyond the Walls is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The game is playable in a web app that works on any mobile browser. Learn more at, or follow the company on Facebook or Instagram.

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  • "It is very easy to register to play, and new games will be coming soon to existing and different cities," said owner Jay Hatfield. "Think of a traditional scavenger hunt, combined with clues for solving puzzles, all while exploring your very own city."

    4 August 2021
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