Gil Hildebrand

CEO and Founder at Gilded
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Gil is a serial entrepreneur with a strong technical background, two decades of experience leading software development teams, and a passion for the “human” elements of business. As CEO of Gilded, Gil directs company vision, leads business development initiatives, and recruits world-class talent to shape the future of accounting.

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  • I tend to be more concerned about the [Form] 8300 because I think that the definition of a broker will be watered down some. But I don’t think the requirement to collect financial data for payments will be watered down because there isn’t some technical barrier to people being able to do it.

    28 March 2022
  • Financial reporting is no longer an afterthought for companies building in the blockchain space. The introduction of Compass marks the most advanced crypto accounting tool on the market to date. Gilded is perfectly positioned to help crypto-forward companies achieve accurate, complete, and unified financial reporting.

    28 March 2022
  • Paying them and getting paid from them is still incredibly fragmented and inefficient. Crypto removes middlemen and makes payments cheaper, faster and more global.

    29 April 2021
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